Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Since moving from the cold, dry lands of Chicago to the lush, warm, sunny, beautiful, lands of Florida, our lives have dramatically changed! Here’s a quick update to show you what I mean.

  • We have a home!! It’s ours!!! I love our home so much. It is just such a huge relief to have a home, in a family oriented, quiet neighborhood. I feel safe, and I have suffiicient space to retreat from the world and even my boys! I can choose which room I want to lock myself in. I can swim at my leisure. I can shut the front door and I instantly become deaf to parties/domestic arguments/other folks’ babies crying/super bass. It’s grand!

IMG_0277 Chi and I enjoying a morning wrestling match in the back yard. I look busted, but isn’t my baby absolutely BEAUTIFUL?! Man, he melts my heart. He’s so handsome!!

  • My little booger is now 10 months old! With him growing up, things are just getting easier. His sleep cycles are maturing (more on this later), he’s able to cruise around and entertain himself more, and he’s less dependent on the boobie now that he’s inhaling¬†¬† experimenting with solids. We have more time to get out of the house and run errands, go to storytime at the library, and just explore the neighborhood. He has become the best little companion. And he’s so funny! Just watch him here as we discuss very important matters. And he proves that his mama is Black. He’s all about stereotypes lol

*Did you catch the Black woman head roll he just did?! Yeah, he’s seen it a few times I s’pose.

*I am grown and sexy! I celebrated my 27th birthday after forgetting it! My birthday is usually a 4 day affair since it falls on Memorial Day weekend, but it was the last thing on my mind this year! With a baby, new home, and just being excited about being back in my stomping grounds, 27 just didn’t seem like a big deal. To celebrate, I had breakfast with my boys and got the day to myself to shop and have some good ole’ introverted mama time. I also got a big sum of monies to use to decorate the house from the hubby! So! Our living room and dining room are just about completed!

*We have AH-MAZING friends and community. I’ve done more and seen more friends in the 2 months that I’ve been here than I did in the 8 months that Chi was alive in Chicago. It’s awesome! I know this sounds like complete bored housewife talk, but on Saturday, we have 2 events planned! Morning play group and Chi’s first party! (Not his party, just his first party invite).¬† We have friends over or see friends every week. Chi has so many people who love him and are able to help with advice or time with him. His favorite right now is his Titi Rekha. Having people in our lives has really been a spark in our marriage. It has helped us to focus on others and not just the seemingly mundane nature of life that happens with a child.

*Pickles is so satisfied with life. He spends much of his time outside squirrel hunting. I’m convinced that when I start my garden, he will protect it with his life. I often have to use my stern mama voice to command him inside to drink water and eat his kibble.

*Matt and I are doing great. We had a rough patch this past week with both he and Chi being sick, but things seem to be on the upswing. Our goal is to paint the dining room and entry way this week, so hopefully I will post some before and after pics soon.

I know it’s been entirely too long since I last posted, but hopefully I am coming out of my hiatus. It’s now 11pm. Time for bed.



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