Eye of the Tiger

Lots of you ask to see more of Chi, and I totally get it. I’m not much of a social media user, but I’m trying! He’s learning so much! He knows animals and sounds, he’s learning colors, He’s WALKING!!! (which means I’m running. A lot.) He’s learning some basic theology (you’ll be amazed when you see the videos…coming soon!), and is singing several songs. Every night before bed while nursing, he hums “Jesus Loves Me”, “Be Thou My Vision”, and “Amazing Grace” as I sing to him.

But in order to get the full experience of Chi’s singing skills, check out this video of us singing together shortly after waking up. (Ignore the bathrobe, possible crust in eyes, and bags under eyes.)

You’re gonna hear him ROAR!!! AH AH AH AH AH!!! (He’s only 15 months!!! Mad skills)

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