What You Know About That?!

Random Confession: In college, I spent a season of time being kinda obsessed with T.I. That little man and all his swag and southern-ness, just had me in a tizzy. (Shutup. I do recognize that I just said swag and tizzy in the same sentence.) In fact, I do believe that he is part of the reason that I have become quite the accomplished shower rapper.  T.I., you taught me bout the game.

I digress.

It has been a long behind time since I’ve blogged. There’s no way to jump back in without acknowledging the cobwebs on this site. It’s not as if I haven’ t been inspired. There are really beautiful things all around me. I’ve been having some really sweet, rich months, and sometimes I just need to savor those moments; let them rest thickly on my life. Be thankful for them without rushing them. And some things, I realize, I just like to hold as sacred.

My marriage is…more than I deserve. Our relationship is so flawed by our inescapable human nature, but so redeemed by the all covering love of Jesus. And, it doesn’t hurt that Matt pretty much tells me this all the time. Foreal.

My little Chi-Bear is not so little anymore. He’s learning to construct real sentences like, “NO, Bubby!!! Out, Daddy, boo-boo!” Which obviously means “No, Bubby! (our dog, Pickles). If you go out there, Daddy may hurt you (while he’s mowing the lawn)and you’ll get a boo-boo!” He’s also crazy talented and composes awesome songs. Every.Day. Often times there are tambourines, and maracas involved. I managed to catch two of my favorite jam sessions here:

This one shows his amazing range.

This one shows he’s Pentecostal lol

And may I unashamedly point out how proud I am that he’s learning some basic theology? “Where does Jesus live?” Yep. In that awesome heart of yours.

Chi’s most notable accomplishment, however, is that he is…wait for it…POTTY TRAINED!!! He’s been potty trained for about a month now! I completely took his lead, and boy was he eager. We still use diapers for  nap time and bed time, but it is rare that we will find them soiled. When I first began venturing down the potty training road, some of y’all were looking at me sideways. It’s ok. No shade. I too was terrified for me, but Chi really was ready. I guess he’s trying to make up for NOT being ready to sleep for the first 13 months of his life :shudders:

I hope that I can commit to blogging more regularly. I really do. I need accountability. With my life! There are so many things that I want   need to do! Sometimes I get overwhelmed by being underwhelmed. Does that make sense? It’s been very difficult for me to find my creative niche in Gainesville. It is part of the reason that I longed for something more before moving to Chicago.  It seems that the only artistic opportunities that are readily available for me are within church circles, and I haven’t found that to be the place where I am called artistically. Every now and again, a girl just needs to twerk.

I digress. Again. It’s way past my bedtime, and I’m perched up in Starbucks like I don’t have a baby that will be hollering for me at the butt crack of dawn. I just needed to write. To say thank you to those kind souls who read this and who take the time to encourage me to continue writing, and seeking, and growing. Your words inspire me!


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