Naked as a Jaybird

This is a phrase that is often spoken by my family. “That woman naked as a jaybird!” “Knock before you come in! I’m naked as a jaybird in here!” Oh, I love my family and all of our cultural quirks. Yesterday, while eating the most massive bowl of cereal, I walked from the kitchen to our living room, starring at the television playing in our neighbor’s apartment across the courtyard. And then…I looked down at my Spalding shaped stomach which covered my lady parts from MY view, but not from the neighbors. And my preggo boobs. “AWW snap! I’m walkin around here naked as a jaybird!” I squealed, running to close every curtain in the room, banning even the sun from my glory.

Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with my body. It didn’t consciously happen. I just began to become so dang on uncomfortable with my clothes always touching me, that I developed a clothing removal ritual. As soon as I enter the threshold of our apartment, first, the purse/bag is dropped, then the shoes, then pants, then bra. I just let everything hang loose. Sure, my boobs might end up kissing my knees in a few years, but maybe one of the perks of having a small rack is that they will stay put. Maybe?

I haven’t always been an exhibitionist. Of course I pushed the boundaries in high school. I  never really wore a bra then either, but I got better in college. Except at night. At night, my poor bestie would often feel the ‘flop’ of my bra falling on her bottom bunk. In fact, when I got dressed in the mornings, I often looked under her bed to get my cups. When I got married, I still didn’t walk around butt booty naked. I mean, even in marriage, I think it’s important to leave a little somethin somethin to the imagination.

But, now, I have ruined my husband’s imagination . I’m not able to shave everyday. Do I care? Mildly. Does that stop me from being naked as a jaybird? No. I did propose my plan to get an epilator to Matt. He doesn’t care, and doggonit, neither do I. My body is what it is. The more time that I spend unclothed, the more that I fall in love with God  and all of his power and creativity in designing the female body. The more I fall in love with my little boy who is growing and for the only time in his life, is being completely obedient and under the sole influence of God, and the more I love my body. I love being a woman. I love having breasts that will give my baby nourishment. I love knowing that while I’ve always felt that I’ve had a rather boyish body, that the Lord is using it to exemplify one of the most beautiful purposes of women; to bring life into the world.

I love that even with these small hips, I’m carrying a womb full. I love that my legs still carry me when I feel like they won’t. I love the freedom that I’m receiving with this pregnancy,  (and I think Matt does too!)

So, here’s my challenge to you, women folk! TAKE IT OFF! Enjoy your bodies, curves, folds, boobies! I guarantee you that your spouse will too. (I’m not just talking sexually. The confidence that oozes out of a woman who loves her body is…attractive and admirable across the board.) If you are unmarried, GO STREAKING IN THE QUAD! No lol, jk. But DO go streaking in your house/apartment.

I found inspiration in the most unexpected of places. Love it or hate it, this little girl has enough confidence to school all of us women. Do you know a good thing when you see it? (start at 1:50 if you don’t have patience..and the parenting may scare you a bit lol)

I’m too tired to think of a real closing for this post, so, just get naked already.


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