Ready to Pop!

It’s 10:19pm and I just came home from a family outing to McDonalds. :sigh: I know I should do better, but I NEEDED salty fries. And an oreo McFlurry. And an orange Hi-C.

I’ve been feeling so blah lately. My feet don’t fit into any of my shoes, although they are still really cute from my pedicure outing with my besties. Every morning when I wake up, my hands look and feel like someone replaced them with inflated latex gloves.  This baby is soo low. Every step that I take feels like he’s threatening to make his grand entrance. I’ve also been EXTREMELY tired. Like, today, I woke up at 7am. Ate breakfast and went back to sleep at 9am. Woke back up at 12:10, frantically got ready for my doctor’s appointment, came home at about 2:30, ate lunch, went back to sleep at 3:30, and woke back up at about 7pm. Zombie much?

My doctor’s appointment was painful today. I lost 1.5 pounds (which is crazy, considering I ate half a chicken battered in yummy awesomeness this weekend), but I’ve learned that it is normal to begin losing weight at this stage in the game. Last week, my doctor suggested that she check me for dilation to see how I was progressing. Now, I know that dilation is not necessarily an indicator of when labor will begin, but I just wanted to know what was going on. So, stupidly, I decided to let her check me out.

OhmyfrikinOUCH! It was so painful! I think I have  a pretty high tolerance for pain, but I was wincing the whole time. Apparently my cervix is very high. My poor doctor was apologizing the whole time. At the end of my examination, I learned that my cervix is very soft, but not dilated at all. Score.

I just finished my fries. They were yummy.

There’s so much to update on. I will try to do a video soon. My words are not coming out as eloquently as I’d like…I’m just so uncomfortable! I can’t believe I’ve made it to the final 2 weeks, and yet, I feel like I have a month left.  I feel like my body does not have the ability to stretch anymore. My stomach has progressed from Spalding to a full on, fully inflated beach ball.

I’m tired now (go figure). If you think about me at random times throughout your day, please keep these things in  your prayers:

*I’m a little stressed that my doctor may not be able to deliver our little guy. She is on call during Labor Day weekend, but we my due date is Sept. 5. I’m really comfortable with her, and just would like her at the delivery.

*Sept. 5 seems so far away :sniffle: I. Can’t. WAIT THAT LONG! lol. I know that I can but I really don’t want to. Please pray that this little boy is not late, or maybe that he comes earlier. Or, if you’re super spiritual, pray that the Lord would give me patience.

*I know that it’s normal to be lethargic during this time, but I’m having and have had such a hard time learning how to deal with my new body during this pregnancy. I’m used to pushing my body to do what I want it to do. I’m used to being in control, and I hate feeling so out of wack. I feel like this is the time that I should be in full training mode, you know? If I were preparing for a performance, I’d be rehearsing several hours a day, every day. I can barely get my 30 minutes of walking in now. I’m scared that my body won’t have enough energy/strength during labor and that scares me.

That is all for now. Once I’m done looking like a swollen, unibrow-ed zombie, I’ll do a video update.

Love, love, love,


6 Responses to “Ready to Pop!”

  1. Karima FACE

    :-/ I told you ya gotta be firm with him!! lol. “Come out baby! It’s so much fun out here!” And sugah, you can do this! You are a kickboxing class away from a baby! I feel it!

    No but seriously though…I’m praying for patience AND an early safe delivery. Can’t wait.

    P.S. unibrow??? LOL I DIE

    • Eva

      Yay! you can comment on the blog! I knew I could count on you to be both super spiritual and on my side 😉 Lol. What does that mean?! And yes..the caterpillars are inching closer and closer together!

  2. Charity

    I’ve been thinking a lot about you and praying for the you the past few days. He’ll be here before you know it! I can’t wait to meet my little nephew and Asher can’t wait to meet his cousin:)

    • Eva

      Aww, thanks so much Charity!I seriously can’t wait for the cousins to meet each other! Praying for you and my little nephew…AND NIECE!! (EEEK!) <3

  3. Chris Stauffer

    Your sweet sister-in-law Charity mentioned you a lot while we were on vacation last week. Ricke, Charity, Asher and I were riding together from an outing and we thoroughly covered you and Matt and Peanut with prayer. May you lean heavily (in more ways than one) on your Lord. He loves you and Peanut very much and is in your corner. Dear Heavenly Father, take good care of your beloved Tereva and Matt and your son who is about to pop out. Amen.
    LOVE to you!

    • Eva

      She is sweet, isn’t she? Thank you so much for the wonderful prayers. Amen to all of that! Love you much!


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