Random Life Blurb

First, Thank you Jesus for making wine out of water. :Takes big gulp of cheap, bottled Sangria: It’s been cray cray over in the Stauffer house. I have been wanting to do so many things:

  • exercise
  • shop
  • shower
  • read a book
  • catch up on Scandal
  • sleep till noon
  • blog
  • get a mani/pedi

but, motherhood calls, and motherhood ain’t for the faint at heart. I’ve been struggling with my little booger, and consequently, I’ve been struggling to get a good grasp on my life.  I keep telling myself, ‘Girl, get yo’ life! ‘, and instead of taking the time that I do have to exercise, or do  things that will invigorate me, I crawl into bed, with yesterdays spit up and drool on my clothes, and…I think about sleep. Even when Chi is asleep and i have the opportunity sleep, I’m watching the monitor while I try to do laundry or clean, or take Pickles to the courtyard to do his business while I get the side eye from the neighbors. :Rolls eye. I pay rent. I pick up his poop. Mind ya’ business.:

So, if I say this out loud, on my blog, I think I will make it happen because, well, I’m a sucker for keeping my spoken words. So, THIS WEEK, I will start P90x. Yes, ladies and gents, it’s about to get real. I have 11 pounds left to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I’m hoping to lose maybe 6 of those. I’d like a little junk to stay in my trunk;) My main goal is to tone up, and to get more energy by exercising.

So there you have it. I ordered a tape measure a couple of days ago, so it should be here soon. The day it comes is the day that I will start.

Does anyone want to join me? Holler if you do!

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  1. Joanie


    I do! I just realized last week that I’ve gained 25 lbs since getting married. That’s 10 lbs per year. That’s 25 lbs too many. I’m pledging to get 10,000 steps per day (through Zumba, etc). I did my first 45 min workout this morning. I’m also starting Weight Watchers (the unofficial way ) with a good friend. Thank you for your courage to always speak the truth (or at leat a good portion of the truth). Here’s to being lean and healthy.



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