Monday’s Mirror

:Blows dust off of blog:

Hey guys!

:watches tumbleweed roll:

I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated, and I need to do better. I’ve been so wrapped up in surviving learning how to be a mom to a baby that has so many needs (love, attention, occasional baths, arms to sleep in, boobs, pureed freaking awesome creations, rhyming songs, fingers to gnaw on, parents to pee on, etc.) that I’m barely making it y’all. Barely. making it. If you don’t believe me, swing by my house so that you can peep the chinchillas stretching across my FACE. I used to call them eyebrows.

In an effort to get back to my blog, which I greatly enjoy, I will be adding a few installments each week, the first of which, is Monday’s Mirror. (Oh Lord Jesus, I hope I can stay committed to this!)

The idea behind Monday’s Mirror is twofold. The first is to inspire and motivate.

“After a weekend spent with my family, I feel refreshed, relaxed, and ready for Monday! I just LOVE Mondays and the freshness of the new week. The typical 2 day weekend is the perfect amount of time to rejuvenate me.”-Says NO ONE, EVER!

If you’re like me, you need a firm kick in the derrière to get your butt out of bed come Monday. Once you’re out of bed, the last thing that you want is to do anything that involves speaking, blinking, seeing others, or having anyone or anything depend on you. Mondays suck.

On Mondays especially, I need to know that whatever I am called to do, it is worthy and conducive to positive change. I need to know that I am not being a waste of space. I need to be assured that I am being the change that I wish to see. (I’on know who said that. I thought it was Ghandi. I think I’m wrong.) Nowadays, when I’m moonwalking across the floor to entertain my baby boy, or pretending that I’m asleep while he crawls on me, only to sneak attack him with kisses (that ends in laughter and drool everywhere), it’s hard to remember that what I’m doing, as a mom, nurturer, the most powerful educator that he will have, it is worthwhile and good. So, when I read, or see, or remember the good things in the world; sons and daughters who are changing this world after being strengthened by their mothers who questioned their  work’s value; men and women who are mending the wounds of their own hearts by loving lavishly on forgotten children; artists who take their rightful places alongside of God, creating and uncovering beauty, depth and meaning in the world; when I see those things, I am inspired.

The second  goal for Monday’s Mirror more closely ties into the name. My desire is to help others to see themselves in the ordinary people that create extraordinary change. Simple.

So, without further ado, here is Monday’s Mirror. Feel free to leave your thoughts/reactions in the comment section. I would love to know if these postings are serving their purpose.

3 Responses to “Monday’s Mirror”

  1. Abbie

    Feelin you. Thanks for taking the time to write. So so good to be reminded of the profound importance of doing what we always do, what could feel routine or purposeless. People are so important, baby people and grown people. Thank you for remindinge and encouraging me in my calling as an artist- that it is not routine nor meaningless, and nothing is wasted. Cool to see how our current callings, so different in appearance, have much in common. Xo

  2. Chris Stauffer

    Thank you for loving that little (!) baby, Tereva. You are so precious and your work is so important. This post is awesome as usual.

    Love, Mommio


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