And With no Bra My Ninny’s Sag Down Low

Erykah Badu had no shame when she wrote that lyric ,  and it makes me smile every single time I hear it. The findings for a study regarding the effects of bra wearing were released recently and the conclusions are blowing minds. As someone who did not start wearing bras until my junior year in high school (yeah, you read right. 90 % because I had nothing to hold up, 10% because I was a budding (oh gosh, no pun intended) feminist). I hate wearing bras. Even to this day, I hate them! And it’s not because I have ill fitting bras (I was THE bra fitter at Gap Body! Ta huh!). I just hate the way they feel and tug, and smash and push up and compress.

I know y’all ain’t gone read the article so here’s one of my favorite youtubers giving it to you in 2 minutes. If you don’t know Mama Natural, you should really follow her! She’s amazing. I even contacted her regarding some advice for Chi and she responded in a very thorough, friendly, ‘we’ve known each other forever, girl’ kinda way.

What are your thoughts? Will you ditch the boob cups, ladies?

4 Responses to “And With no Bra My Ninny’s Sag Down Low”

  1. Kat

    I’m probably going to keep mine, lol. Running would definitely not happen without and I’m more comfortable with them. (I think once you get past D, it becomes a problem). Maybe a day will come when at least 40% of my reason won’t be how it looks, since our society tends to be against nipples, but for now, it’s physically and socially more comfortable to conform. I have to pick and choose my battles in the feminist dialogue.

    • Eva

      I agree. There ARE certain times that those bad boys need to be constrained. I couldn’t imagine doing pirouettes with them free lol. I appreciate your awareness of how much of bras are for social comfort 🙂

  2. Guyana

    I can’t ditch mine. My back would hurt. Also, the um, size disparity would be more noticeable. Not gonna spell that out, so I hope you get it. 🙂


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