Monday’s Mirror #3

This Monday’s Mirror is a little darker, a little deeper. Many of you may have already seen this video and heard this story (as it went viral on Facebook a few months ago), but it still pulls me in to my own pain and, and invites me to accept and work towards healing a little more each time that I view it. As someone who was teased and bullied for being too skinny, too “white”, too sensitive (cry baby), being poor, bald headed, nappy headed, I have learned that while I know all to well the pain of being tormented by words, I must in turn, be mindful of the pain that I often subconsciously cause from my own brokenness. Hurt people hurt people.

This mirror reflects not only my own pain, but the pain that I inadvertently inflict on others.

What does this mirror reflect in your life?




One Response to “Monday’s Mirror #3”

  1. GN

    Tereva, this is beautiful. I’m so glad you decided to post this, and even more gad that I decided to read it. Thank you 🙂


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