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Baby Mama Drama Pt. 2

*This post was written 1 week ago Yesterday was a hard day. Harder than most days. I got peed on, projectile vomited on, and spit up got in my mouth. Twice. The highlight of my day was taking a 10 minute shower while baby  monster  boy slept. When the water got to just the perfect… Read more »

Baby Mama Drama Pt. 1

*The first in a series of drama for the mama “At first I thought I was trippin’, but my vision gettin’ clearer. You movin that thang around as if you practice in the mirror…” :Sigh, as inappropriate as this song is, it is often what I think of when I walk down the stairs. Or up the… Read more »

Random Life Blurb

First, Thank you Jesus for making wine out of water. :Takes big gulp of cheap, bottled Sangria: It’s been cray cray over in the Stauffer house. I have been wanting to do so many things: exercise shop shower read a book catch up on Scandal sleep till noon blog get a mani/pedi but, motherhood calls,… Read more »

Separation Anxiety

Soo…I’ve got a problem. I’m sure you already think you know, but you have no idea. I’m scared  effing terrified of leaving my house…with my baby. Of course I’ve got the new mama fear of leaving him. (So far, the longest that I’ve left him was 3 hours. At that point, I raced back home… Read more »

Help a Sistah Out!

I am so. effing. TIRED! lol. Motherhood is beyond fantastic, don’t get me wrong. But with being a mama and trying to keep up with my daily hygiene, I’m exhausted! I hope that I will be able to blog more regularly, and with more content, but until then, this is what I’ve got. There are… Read more »

30 For 30

Hey all! So much has happened since my last post! If you’ve got time to spare, settle down on your couch for an episode of the Matt and Tereva show! Here is a play by play of our labor and delivery of little Malachi Edward. Unscripted, and pretty much unedited.30 minutes for 30 ish hours.

Our First Dance

A week ago, you lay within my womb, undisturbed.  You heard the moans of my pain and felt the rhythmic clenching of my body urging you to begin a journey that would leave us both blissfully breathless.  With every perfectly timed spasm, I begged for a new mercy; I plead for you to help me,… Read more »

Ready to Pop!

It’s 10:19pm and I just came home from a family outing to McDonalds. :sigh: I know I should do better, but I NEEDED salty fries. And an oreo McFlurry. And an orange Hi-C. I’ve been feeling so blah lately. My feet don’t fit into any of my shoes, although they are still really cute from… Read more »

Brush Your Teeth!

I try not to get all political…mainly because I usually don’t care for arguing via the web. This chik-fil-A stuff is causing some serious damage. (Wow, it’s 10:50 am, and my brain is still finding a signal. Eloquence = non-existent). Ok, anywho, I like the restaurant. My favorite is the 8pack combo with a a… Read more »