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I’ve Got You, Babe

I woke up at 5am this morning with a sickening feeling in my stomach. Pregnancy nausea is a different kind of beast. I propped myself up, leaning on my tower of pillows trying not to use Matt’s face as leverage. I’ve learned some techniques to keep the nausea at bay: closing my eyes and breathing… Read more »

I’ll Cry if I Want to

I’ve never had a birthday party. I remember being slightly envious and disappointed every time I went to a friend’s large celebration as a young child and later as a teenager. As I neared the end of college, my envy shifted from wanting to be celebrated to wanting to be loved (which I suppose is… Read more »

29 weeks Preggo

This is a LONG past due and LONG update! You can watch the whole thing, or you can do what I do when you talk to me; tune in every five minutes, and then make your lunch plans in between 😉

An Idle (Pregnant) Mind…

“My boobs. are. HUGE. And heavier than I’d like them to be.” “My poor, poor ankles…or, better yet, cankles. Why did I have to start swelling when Matt’s away?” “Suck. Matt’s gone.:sniffle: Four.More. Days. :sniffle” “Pickles is definitely not as much fun as I’d like him to be. He sleeps so damn much!” “Pickles..on a… Read more »

Naked as a Jaybird

This is a phrase that is often spoken by my family. “That woman naked as a jaybird!” “Knock before you come in! I’m naked as a jaybird in here!” Oh, I love my family and all of our cultural quirks. Yesterday, while eating the most massive bowl of cereal, I walked from the kitchen to… Read more »

Woke Up Black

Today I “Woke up Black”. This Trayvon case is weighing heavy on my heart. Unlike my sisters and brothers who are not of color, I don’t have the privilege of distancing myself and waiting for the facts to be presented. Umoja is what we live by as a people. What is often forgotten, is that… Read more »

Mama Said There’ll Be Days Like These

Actually, she didn’t. No one really prepared me for where I am at this moment. Sure, I’ve had small glimpses, but I never expected to be here. 2011 was an arduous year, piled with painful self realizations, faith testing marital issues (I hear that’s what happens when two humans tie themselves to one another), and… Read more »

It’s Possible

I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve last posted: hangs head in shame: I WILL do better. Between moving, adjusting, being lazy, and having to share a computer with a graphic designer/web developer, I spend much of my computer time just doing the basics: reading hair blogs, fashion blogs, email, and youtube lol…. Read more »