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I believe that the most essential skill in being an artist, an actor in particular, is knowing who are and knowing your truth so deeply, that you will never be confused as to who you are bringing to the stage. This is me. 112 pounds in the morning 114 at night. A smidge over 30,… Read more »


Last night, or rather this morning, I had an almost awesome dream. I was at a benefit concert of some sort in New York, and J.T (also known as Justin Timberlake) had just finished performing. I didn’t see the performance, but I knew that he was making his way out of the auditorium, because in… Read more »

Leaky Boobs No More!

I got my boobs back!!! They are all mine again. I didn’t know that I missed them so much, but I truly did. Thanks, boobies for hanging in there…err… I made a commitment to myself and Chi to nurse him pretty much on demand until he  was at least a year old. I was open… Read more »

Run Away Mama

:Sigh: I don’t know where to start…but have you ever just felt like running away?! Ohmygawdi’msotired!!! This isn’t going to be one of those posts that ends with a moral, or a smile, or a “but life is great” take-away. No, this is going to be pretty monotonous straight through. I am so overwhelmed with… Read more »

Boobs on a Plane

In August, we ventured out on our first family vacation. With a bourgeois puppy and sleep allergic 11month old in tow, I’m not gonna lie; My basement was backed up for about a week preparing for this trip (if you know what I mean! I can’t help it. Happens every time I’m stressed). So! :black… Read more »

The Accidental Stay at Home Mom Pt. 1

I never wanted to be a stay at home mom. Housewife. Home-maker. “Non-working”. The truth is, I’d never imagined that when I had children, I would be able to choose how much time to invest in hands on motherhood. As a child, I’d always imagined that my schedule would mirror the the women that raised me… Read more »

Peek-A-Boob! Pt 1

In this series, I hope to share my initial  interesst and hiccups in breastfeeding, including fears, breastfeeding in public, breastfeeding in the African-American community, and possible extended nursing. On January 8, 2012, I remember cradling my young, un-stretched stomach, and allowing my mind to create the most beautiful fantasies of motherhood. On that day, hours… Read more »

And With no Bra My Ninny’s Sag Down Low

Erykah Badu had no shame when she wrote that lyric ,  and it makes me smile every single time I hear it. The findings for a study regarding the effects of bra wearing were released recently and the conclusions are blowing minds. As someone who did not start wearing bras until my junior year in high… Read more »

Baby Mama Drama Pt. 3

Before being a mama, I had plenty of friends with kids. This post is in my way, an apology to them, preparation for you future mamas, and a warning for those of you with friends who are baby mamas. When there’s a new baby mama: DON’T come to visit empty handed. Trust me. She is… Read more »