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An Idle (Pregnant) Mind…

“My boobs. are. HUGE. And heavier than I’d like them to be.” “My poor, poor ankles…or, better yet, cankles. Why did I have to start swelling when Matt’s away?” “Suck. Matt’s gone.:sniffle: Four.More. Days. :sniffle” “Pickles is definitely not as much fun as I’d like him to be. He sleeps so damn much!” “Pickles..on a… Read more »

Naked as a Jaybird

This is a phrase that is often spoken by my family. “That woman naked as a jaybird!” “Knock before you come in! I’m naked as a jaybird in here!” Oh, I love my family and all of our cultural quirks. Yesterday, while eating the most massive bowl of cereal, I walked from the kitchen to… Read more »

No Shame

I am exhausted. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, I am extremely fatigued, yet spiritually, I feel renewed.  Days like today make me so grateful that I have a job that encourages me to bring transformation to the university campus, and the world. As a part of my work with InterVarsity, I began a project for women… Read more »