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What You Know About That?!

Random Confession: In college, I spent a season of time being kinda obsessed with T.I. That little man and all his swag and southern-ness, just had me in a tizzy. (Shutup. I do recognize that I just said swag and tizzy in the same sentence.) In fact, I do believe that he is part of the… Read more »

Eye of the Tiger

Lots of you ask to see more of Chi, and I totally get it. I’m not much of a social media user, but I’m trying! He’s learning so much! He knows animals and sounds, he’s learning colors, He’s WALKING!!! (which means I’m running. A lot.) He’s learning some basic theology (you’ll be amazed when you… Read more »

To Train Up MY Child

There has been much controversy lately regarding a series of books listed in this petition. I signed the petition and urged my facebook friends to do the same. I’m not gonna lie; I thought it was a no brainer. I assumed everyone would  agree with me, especially after this heart wrenching story of Hana Williams…. Read more »

The Accidental Stay at Home Mom Pt. 1

I never wanted to be a stay at home mom. Housewife. Home-maker. “Non-working”. The truth is, I’d never imagined that when I had children, I would be able to choose how much time to invest in hands on motherhood. As a child, I’d always imagined that my schedule would mirror the the women that raised me… Read more »

Peek-A-Boob! Pt 1

In this series, I hope to share my initial  interesst and hiccups in breastfeeding, including fears, breastfeeding in public, breastfeeding in the African-American community, and possible extended nursing. On January 8, 2012, I remember cradling my young, un-stretched stomach, and allowing my mind to create the most beautiful fantasies of motherhood. On that day, hours… Read more »

Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Since moving from the cold, dry lands of Chicago to the lush, warm, sunny, beautiful, lands of Florida, our lives have dramatically changed! Here’s a quick update to show you what I mean. We have a home!! It’s ours!!! I love our home so much. It is just such a huge relief to have a… Read more »

Baby Mama Drama Pt. 2

*This post was written 1 week ago Yesterday was a hard day. Harder than most days. I got peed on, projectile vomited on, and spit up got in my mouth. Twice. The highlight of my day was taking a 10 minute shower while baby  monster  boy slept. When the water got to just the perfect… Read more »

Baby Mama Drama Pt. 1

*The first in a series of drama for the mama “At first I thought I was trippin’, but my vision gettin’ clearer. You movin that thang around as if you practice in the mirror…” :Sigh, as inappropriate as this song is, it is often what I think of when I walk down the stairs. Or up the… Read more »