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Last night, or rather this morning, I had an almost awesome dream. I was at a benefit concert of some sort in New York, and J.T (also known as Justin Timberlake) had just finished performing. I didn’t see the performance, but I knew that he was making his way out of the auditorium, because in… Read more »

Be Great!

You may not see it, you may not recognize it, but I’m being great. We are all great. We are all born that way.   Happy Monday, all! Be Great!

Short Leave

Hi all! As many of you know, Matt and I finally made the big move from Chicago back to Gainesville. We are thrilled to be in our new home, spending time with our Gainesville family, and unpacking boxes in between getting our little monster on a sleep schedule. I will be back as soon as… Read more »

Monday’s Mirror #3

This Monday’s Mirror is a little darker, a little deeper. Many of you may have already seen this video and heard this story (as it went viral on Facebook a few months ago), but it still pulls me in to my own pain and, and invites me to accept and work towards healing a little… Read more »

Random Life Blurb

First, Thank you Jesus for making wine out of water. :Takes big gulp of cheap, bottled Sangria: It’s been cray cray over in the Stauffer house. I have been wanting to do so many things: exercise shop shower read a book catch up on Scandal sleep till noon blog get a mani/pedi but, motherhood calls,… Read more »

Is there enough time?

Between tabling to meet new students, student meetings, planning talks (InterVarsity’s slang for sermons), and sometimes sleeping, I discovered a new talent today! Speed eating! I ate a huge bowl of piping hot lentil soup in 5 minutes! 5 minutes! I am also blogging with a time limit of 2 minutes, as I’m meeting a… Read more »