Monthly Archives: August 2012

Ready to Pop!

It’s 10:19pm and I just came home from a family outing to McDonalds. :sigh: I know I should do better, but I NEEDED salty fries. And an oreo McFlurry. And an orange Hi-C. I’ve been feeling so blah lately. My feet don’t fit into any of my shoes, although they are still really cute from… Read more »

Brush Your Teeth!

I try not to get all political…mainly because I usually don’t care for arguing via the web. This chik-fil-A stuff is causing some serious damage. (Wow, it’s 10:50 am, and my brain is still finding a signal. Eloquence = non-existent). Ok, anywho, I like the restaurant. My favorite is the 8pack combo with a a… Read more »