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Baby Mama Drama Pt. 3

Before being a mama, I had plenty of friends with kids. This post is in my way, an apology to them, preparation for you future mamas, and a warning for those of you with friends who are baby mamas. When there’s a new baby mama: DON’T come to visit empty handed. Trust me. She is… Read more »

Baby Mama Drama Pt. 2

*This post was written 1 week ago Yesterday was a hard day. Harder than most days. I got peed on, projectile vomited on, and spit up got in my mouth. Twice. The highlight of my day was taking a 10 minute shower while baby  monster  boy slept. When the water got to just the perfect… Read more »

Baby Mama Drama Pt. 1

*The first in a series of drama for the mama “At first I thought I was trippin’, but my vision gettin’ clearer. You movin that thang around as if you practice in the mirror…” :Sigh, as inappropriate as this song is, it is often what I think of when I walk down the stairs. Or up the… Read more »